Our services

360-degree support

As a major Alpine property operator, Terrésens Group can offer support with every aspect of your mountain property purchase, from A to Z. Thanks to our 360-degree perspective on mountain property and the full range of trades represented within our team (property search, construction, decor, marketing, managing, real estate and resale), Terrésens is able to provide future buyers with advice that is tailored to their plans and intentions.


Developing our apartment complexes

Our property development department monitors every new property development through each stage, from the drawing of plans to handing over the keys to each apartment. The decor

in our aparthotels embodies the Group’s identity, with high quality fittings and furniture. Particular care is taken when furnishing the shared spaces. They feature pieces of furniture that have been carefully sought-out to bring charm and character and make the communal areas into delightful spaces.

We take care to find the mountain furniture our clients are eager to see, but we also ensure that we add a fresh modern touch. Natural materials, such a stone, wood and slate give the space a hygge atmosphere, and help to make our clients feel at home. The materials are specifically chosen for their timeless and luxurious qualities. Our teams carefully blend tones and materials (wood and stone) to make sure that every detail in each aparthotel is unique. The apartments have been equipped to cater to all of our guests’ needs.

Have a look through our decor and furniture brochure

The Group’s objective is to achieve total client satisfaction with the apartment they have bought and the delivery dates. However, we also aim to provide our clients with well-functioning efficient apartments, chalets or villas, furnished with high quality materials and fittings. From location choice to interior decor, everything is designed to ensure optimal client satisfaction and well-being.

When building our apartment complexes, we take pride in adopting a bioclimatic architectural approach, saving on grey energy, and managing and recovering water.



With Terrésens you benefit from unique expertise and support for your “mountain property” plans. The Group’s internal sales force markets our apartment complexes. It consists of a network of salespeople specialised in real estate, who cover Switzerland, France, the United Kingdom, Portugal and Benelux.

The Group chose to create this network to reduce “middlemen” and in answer to our client’s desire for locally-based rapid responses.


Managing and running the apartment complexes

Our management service runs the Terrésens apartment complexes on behalf of homeowners. The team contributes to the investment’s rental success by endeavouring to satisfy both homeowners and holidaymaking clients.

A concierge service is also available on request, in order to ensure that our homeowners can relax and enjoy the holiday of their dreams: ski rental, airport/resort transfers, ski lessons, swimming lessons, a chef at home, babysitters etc. The apartment complexes are managed by the Group’s subsidiary: Terrésens – Hôtel & Résidences